Features & Samples for Print Newsletters

Once we receive a completed contact form (click here for the Get Started Contact) we will send you a 'Newsletter Info Form' in Word format so that we can begin creating your print newsletter for your review.

Click here to see a sample of the print newsletter
You can choose either the blue newsletter color scheme on the sample or let us know your favorite color & we can customize the color scheme for you!

(This sample is the same for 'Customized-For-You' and 'Do-It-Yourself' versions.)

Your newsletter banner will include:
- Your chosen newsletter title
- Your chosen slogan
- Your headshot
- Your name / title / phone / email & personal website link
- Your RE Company name & logo
- Your personalized message (can be a paragraph about yourself that stays constant with each month's email newsletters, or you can write a new note for each month!)

The body of your newsletter will include:
- A home buying article
- A home selling article
- A home improvement article
- A section that you can customize with your area's information, such as:
     Home Price Index for your area
     Comparative Market Analysis
     Mortgage Rates Trends Analysis
     Mortgage Market Watch Chart
     Your area's event calendar
     Or, we can insert a recipe!

Additional items that your newsletter will include:
- Helpful Links, e.g. these suggestions:
     Visitor websites to your area
     Tax info for your state, county or local area
     A mortgage calculator link
     A current mortgage rates link

- Up to 3 free promotional ads about events in your area, open houses, etc. See pricing for additional promotional ad information.

- Up to 3 free of your featured listings can also be included at the bottom of the newsletter. See pricing for additional featured listings.

Each listing will include:
- The Address and/or Subdivision Name
- MLS #
- Sales Price 
- A call to action such as: "Call or text for more info!"

Examples of Featured Listings
Subdivision Name
Sales Price 
Call/text for info
(Your number here)
Subdivision Name
Sales Price 
Call/text for info
(Your number here)

Features of Your
Newsletter Campaign

Information about you & your company:

A personalized message from yourself

3 articles covering home buying, home selling & home improvement

A section you can customize with your area's information or mortgage rates

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